Fees & Policies

Lessons are held at:

The Katja School of Music
6800 Woodrow Avenue
Austin TX, 78757

Lessons will be either 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 hour long. The length of lesson-time depends on personal goals, attention span, age and budget. In general, 30 minutes are only recommended for very young beginners, for high school students 1 hour is often needed.

Parents/guardians are welcome to attend the lesson, if this is beneficial to the student. Parents are encouraged to help their children practice at home. If children are still very young, this is especially important in order for the child to progress. Personal practice time at home is required in order for the student to make adequate progress. Practice time will vary according to students age and commitment level. We can discuss this in the lesson.

When a new student starts, there will be an enrollment fee of $40. If the student takes an extended leave from lessons (for example, over the summer), the enrollment fee will be charged again at the time of re-enrollment.

Please make checks payable to Katja Lindner and hand them in before the first lesson of the month. Cash will also be accepted. If payment has not been received by the 8th of the month, a $20 late fee will be charged. There will be a fee for returned checks in the amount that the bank charges.

The monthly tuition rate is based on four lessons per month. If a month has five lesson-days, the fifth lesson will be a makeup lesson for another missed lesson.

If a student receives only three lessons in a month because one lesson day is a holiday, the student can make up that lesson on another day.

If a lesson is missed due to the teacher's absence, it will always be made up.

If a student has to cancel the lesson, a makeup lesson cannot always be guaranteed. Please inform teachers as early as possible if you have to be absent, and we will try to make up the lesson. If we are informed less than 24 hours before the lesson time, please understand that we cannot make up the missed lesson. There will be no refund for missed lessons.

If a student is late, the lesson cannot go late, because this would delay the next student's lesson. Please arrive early. Piano-students are encouraged to enter the studio and warm up on the electric piano with headphones before their lesson as this will benefit their lesson. Other students may use the adjacent room to warm up on their instrument.

Instrumental students must have an instrument to practice on. An acoustic instrument is preferred over a digital one. If a piano is digital, it must have weighted action. A keyboard is not acceptable. Please talk to the teacher if you have questions about this and also about instrument maintenance and tuning. An acoustic piano should be tuned about once a year.

Besides tuition charges sometimes new music needs to be purchased. We can order the music for you and we will ask for reimbursement, or you may purchase it yourself.

Participation in recitals, the music festival and ABRSM exams and other activities are optional and encouraged for growth. Fees for those events are paid separately.